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The Show device page

The Show device page lets you view all relevant information for a device.

The upper part of the page shows essential device information.

The lower part of the page shows detailed device information, distributed over several tabs.

To edit the device you are viewing, click Edit.


This tab shows information like management type, management status, and compliance status.


This tab shows the policies assigned to the device and lets you assign more policies.

Device properties

This tab shows device properties, such as model, model name, OS version, and if the device is rooted (Android) or jailbroken (iOS).

Custom properties

This tab shows custom device properties. These are the properties that you can create yourself.

When you edit a device, you can also add user-specific information here.

Internal properties

This tab shows properties reported by the device, like its International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI).

Compliance violations

For non-compliant devices, this tab shows compliance violation details.

Scan results

This tab shows the results of the last Sophos Intercept X for Mobile scan.


This tab shows finished tasks of the last few days and all unfinished and failed tasks.