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About Sophos Mobile Admin
Key steps for managing devices with Sophos Mobile
You can create reports of the items managed by Sophos Mobile.
Enroll devices
When you enroll a device with Sophos Mobile, the device registers with the Sophos Mobile server, and you can monitor and control it.
Manage devices
Device groups
On the People page, you manage your Sophos Mobile user accounts.
A policy contains settings you can apply to a device or device group.
Compliance policies
Task bundles
With a task bundle you can bundle several tasks in one transaction.
App groups
In Sophos Mobile you create app groups to define list of apps for policies.
Add work documents
You can upload work documents to Sophos Mobile to make them available to your users.
Mobile Threat Defense with Sophos Intercept X for Mobile
Sophos Intercept X for Mobile is a Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) solution for your Android device, iPhone, or iPad.
Intune Mobile Threat Defense
You can configure Sophos Mobile as a Mobile Threat Defense vendor for Microsoft Intune.
TeamViewer remote control
TeamViewer is a third-party remote control tool. TeamViewer integration allows you to launch a remote control session with an Android device, iPhone, or iPad from within Sophos Mobile without having to use a session ID or password.
Migrate from Exchange Server to Exchange Online
When you move from a local Exchange Server to Exchange Online in Microsoft 365, you must update the mail account configuration in Sophos Mobile.
Find out Sophos Central region
You can get the region for your Sophos Central account from the URL displayed in Sophos Central Admin.
Legal notices

Sophos Mobile documentation (Sophos Central, Intercept X for Mobile license)

This is the documentation for Sophos Mobile, managed by Sophos Central. It covers the features available for the Intercept X for Mobile license type.

For the Mobile Standard and Mobile Advanced license types, see the Sophos Mobile documentation (Sophos Central).

For on-premise installations of Sophos Mobile, see the Sophos Mobile documentation.