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Autotask integration

You can connect your Sophos Central Partner account to Autotask, a Professional Services Automation (PSA) tool.

You can connect your accounts, if the following apply:

  • You are part of the Sophos Managed Service Provider (MSP) program.
  • You use Sophos Central Partner.
  • You are an Autotask user.

Your Sophos Central Partner customer data (in particular, usage of Sophos products) is then synchronized with Autotask. This eliminates the need to update the same data in two places manually and makes it easier to bill customers for the products they use.

The license usage data is pulled from the Sophos Central Partner database into Autotask at predefined intervals, for example nightly, using the Autotask API.


Monthly billing only is supported. Autotask Integration does not support yearly billing.