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Managed Customer Usage

The Managed Customer Usage page contains the list of your managed customers.

You can view all of your managed customers, those using licenses you own and those using their own licenses. For each customer you can see whether they have a termed or monthly license. You can also see the number of licenses they have. You can change licenses for customers. You can create monthly accounts for customers.

You can also see their devices that don't have Sophos protection installed. You see a warning next to the customer name. Click on the warning to see more information on the issue.

You can unlink customer accounts. See Unlink customer accounts.

Customer details

To view the license details for a customer, select the customer and click Customer Details. This opens a page listing all the customer's licenses. See Licenses.

You can also see the groups your customer belongs to and which administrators can manage your customer. See Groups.

You must be a Partner Super Admin to manage customer groups.

Change licenses

Select a managed customer and click Change licenses to amend their licenses. See Change licenses.

Create monthly accounts

You must be a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Flex partner.

Click Create Monthly Account to create customer accounts. See Monthly Usage Account.

Open a customer's account

Select a managed customer and click Launch customer to open their Sophos Central Admin account.

Export list of managed customers

You can export the managed customer list to a comma separated value (CSV) file, click Export to CSV.

Managed customer orders

If you're a Sophos MSP Flex Connect partner, you can also see your Managed customer orders here.


For each subscription, you can only view the license information or open the associated Sophos Central Admin account.