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Autotask troubleshooting

How to resolve common problems with integration between Sophos Central Partner and Autotask.

Error about a missing Software as a Service allocation code is displayed

If an error about a missing Software as a Service allocation code is displayed, ensure that you have created a Software as a Service billing code. See Check for a “Software as a Service” code.

Autotask connection troubleshooting and support

If you have trouble with setting up the connection between Sophos Central Partner and Autotask, try the following:

  • In Sophos Central Partner, in the Autotask Details dialog box, check you have entered all the required information correctly, ensuring that you use the correct case (upper or lower case), and click Save again.
  • Try logging into your Autotask API User account directly.

If you are still experiencing problems, open a ticket with Sophos support from Sophos Central Partner.

Selected customers are not synchronized with Autotask

If the Last Sync Details on the PSA integration page show that customers are being ignored, ensure that:

  • You have entered the corresponding Autotask customer name and contract in the Autotask Customer Name and Contract columns, respectively.
  • You have turned on synchronization in the Sync Usage column.
Changes to licenses in Sophos Central Partner are not reflected in Autotask

If you change the licenses that are assigned to a customer in Sophos Central Partner, you must manually make the corresponding changes to the customer’s contract in Autotask. Sophos Central Partner does not update Autotask for you.