Sophos Central Partner allows partners to manage licensing, security access and firewalls for customers.

You can:

  • Manage customer licenses for products related to Sophos Central.
  • Manage customer security; access customers’ Sophos Central Admin accounts and act on alerts.
  • Manage customers’ XG Firewalls through their Sophos Central Firewall Managers.
  • Access the Sophos Partner Portal and all three consoles (Sophos Central Partner, Sophos Central Admin, and Sophos Central Firewall Manager) with a single sign-in.
Tip If you need help with the single sign-on, multi-factor authentication and getting started with Sophos Central Partner, please watch the getting started video.

You can access Sophos Central Partner in either of these ways:

  • Using the Sophos Partner Portal, select Manage Sophos Central at the top of the page.
  • From Sophos Central Admin.