Customer usage and other data sent to ConnectWise

If you're an MSP partner, Sophos Central Partner allows you to manage security for your customers.

You can mange security for two customer types:

  • Customers who have purchased termed licenses.
  • Customers who have chosen a monthly usage-based billing model. These customers could use different numbers of different licenses at different times.

The customers' product usage is recorded in Sophos Central Partner. Syncing this data with ConnectWise allows you to easily bill them for products they used in the past month.

If you have problems with the ConnectWise synchronization see Troubleshooting for help.

Once the integration is set up, the following data is sent to ConnectWise:

  • Customer name
  • License name
  • Usage

You can see usage for your monthly customers on the Dashboard, in the Usage For My Monthly Customers section. (See the screenshot below.)

Monthly usage on the Dashboard

Clicking on the View Details link or any of the license categories in the Usage For My Monthly Customers section takes you to the Managed Customer Usage page.

The usage data displayed here for each customer is sent to their partner's ConnectWise when the integration is set up.

Integrated customer usage

To see a specific customer’s license details and usage, select the customer in the list and click License Details. The customer overview page is displayed.