What happens in the initial sync

When the initial synchronization happens, you'll see changes in ConnectWise and in Sophos Central.

Synchronization does as follows in ConnectWise:

  • Creates a Product Catalog in ConnectWise for each Sophos Central product.
  • Creates an Agreement Addition and attaches each Product Catalog to that.

ConnectWise Agreement Addition

You should enter billing information in ConnectWise for your customers, so that they can be billed for their product usage. For more details, see the ConnectWise documentation.

Note Do not change the Customer Description field in the catalog.

If there are problems with the problems with the Customer Name mapping to the agreement see Troubleshooting for help with resolving the problem.

What you see in Sophos Central Partner console

For customers that are synced, the page now displays synchronization status, their ConnectWise customer ID and agreement type.

Note If a synchronization error occurs, click on the error icon in the Sync Status column to see the error details and solution advice.

Partner integration

If companies are ignored in the synchronization, see Troubleshooting for help.