This section tells you how to resolve problems with the integration between Sophos Central Partner and ConnectWise.

You can find help with the following:

  • ConnectWise connection troubleshooting and support
  • Sync to ConnectWise failing with error 400 or 404
  • Non-unique agreement names
  • Companies are ignored

You can also find answers to some frequently asked questions in knowledge base article 123945.

ConnectWise connection troubleshooting and support

You can connect your ConnectWise account to your Sophos Partner console. You can then transfer your customer information to ConnectWise. If you have trouble with setting up the connection try the following:

  • In the ConnectWise Details dialog, check you have entered all the required information correctly and click Save again.
  • Try logging into your ConnectWise account directly.

If you are still experiencing problems raise a ticket with Sophos support from Sophos Central Partner.

Sync to ConnectWise failing with error 400 or 404

If the synchronization to ConnectWse is failing with an error 400 or 404 there is a problem with the invoice date.

You need to amend the start date on the invoice to the next invoice date or to a date after the next invoice date.

For more information see PSA Sync to Connectwise failing with error 400 (Invalid Object) or 404 (Not Found).

Non-unique agreement names

If you are not using unique agreement names across all customers you might see the following problems:

  • The ConnectWise Customer Name changes to a different customer name after you click Save.
  • You can't find the customer name when you are entering data in the ConnectWise Customer Name field.
  • ConnectWise synchronization fails.

You must ensure that all agreement names are unique.

For more information see Missing Connectwise company name, PSA sync to ConnectWise fails to sync, or the customer name changes when using non-unique agreement names.

Companies are ignored

If the Last Sync information in PSA Integration shows that companies are being ignored, and the sychronization is failing, do as follows:

  1. Check the Agreement Name is unique for the ConnectWise Customer Name.
  2. Verify that the Product Catalog subcategory Miscellaneous is Active in the ConnectWise configuration.
  3. Verify that the API keys have the correct permissions to access the Catalog in the ConnectWise configuration. You need to assign the Security permission for Member and Admin RW permission for Role id.
  4. If none of the above steps resolve your sync issue contact ConnectWise support.