Firewall approvals

On this page, you can view and manage firewall authorization for Sophos Central Firewall Manager.

Before you can manage your customers’ firewalls, you need to go through the authorization process. When you first open the Firewall Approvals page, the primary administrator for your account needs to apply for approval (by clicking Apply) and accept the terms and conditions. Once the application is sent, your channel account team at Sophos reviews and approves it. Then you can start sending requests to customers asking to allow you to manage their Sophos Central Firewalls.

You can view the numbers and details for the following categories:

Requests Not Sent: To send a firewall management request, select a firewall entry and click Request to Manage. This sends an email to the customer. The customer can then approve your request from their “My Sophos” customer portal by following the link in the email.

If you don’t want to manage a firewall, select it and click Ignore Firewall.

Approval Pending: Here you can see all your requests that haven’t been approved by customers, and the date when you sent each request. To resend a request, select the corresponding entry and click Resend Request.

Rejected By Customer

Revoked By Customer

Rescinded By Partner

Approved Firewalls: If you want to stop managing an approved firewall, for example, in case of account changes, select it and click Rescind Management.

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