Manage firewalls

Manage firewall group policy and settings templates for your customers.

If you click Manage Firewalls it opens Firewall Templates.

You can also open the templates in Settings & Policies.

Firewall Templates page

A firewall template lets you:

  • Apply the same settings to all your customer's firewalls in a group.
  • Stop customers from changing the settings for the groups you manage. Customers can create nested groups and override specific settings in the groups you manage.
  • Update templates and push changes to your customers.

You can also see any warnings associated with the firewalls in your groups. Click on a warning to get information on what is wrong and what you need to do fix the issue.

Add template

You can create firewall templates that consist of settings and firewall rules. You can apply these templates to groups of your customers. See Firewall templates.

Manage policy

You can change the firewall policy settings and rules for an existing template.

You need to know the following about making changes:

  • Your firewall is in a group that indicates it is managed by a partner in Sophos Central Admin.

    The group has a two-part name. A Partner Managed Group label and the Sophos Central Partner template name.

  • Firewalls in each partner managed group automatically inherit all the settings and rules you create for the appropriate template.

To do change policy settings and rules, do as follows:

  1. Select the template you want to change and click Manage Policy.

    This opens the rules and policies for the firewall group that the template applies to.

    Firewall Management - Rules and Policies page
  2. Change the firewall rules.

    You can also add new rules or delete rules

  3. Click Back to Firewall templates when you've finished making changes.

Edit template

You can change the name and description for a template.To do this, do as follows:

  1. Select the template you want to change and click Edit Template.
  2. Amend the details and click Save.

Edit customers

You can review the customers for a template. To do this do as follows:

  1. Select the template you want to change and click Edit Customers.
  2. Add any missing customers or remove customers if you need to.
  3. Click Save.


To delete a template, select the template and click Delete. You need to confirm the deletion.

Customers keep the last changes saved to their firewalls. You can continue to manage the firewalls in Sophos Central Partner by assigning them to another template or you can manage them individually in Sophos Central Admin.