Map Sophos Central Partner customers to ConnectWise customers

You need to specify which ConnectWise customers and agreements correspond to which Sophos Central Partner customers.

To map your customers, do as follows:

  1. On the PSA Integration page, find the customer you want to map.
  2. In ConnectWise Customer Name, enter the Company ID used by ConnectWise.
    1. To find the Company ID, open ConnectWise, find the company, and look in Company Details.
  3. Select the customer’s Agreement.
  4. Under Sync to PSA, enable synchronization.

    PSA synchronization
    Note All unique agreements that are not canceled are synchronized. This includes expired agreements.
    Warning Sophos expects the agreement names to be unique for a partner. This means that all agreement names are unique across all your customers.

    If you have problems with agreement names see Troubleshooting for help.

  5. Repeat for each customer you want to map.
  6. Click Save.
    The mappings are saved in Sophos Central Partner.
Continue to the next section to perform a sync.