Initial setup in ConnectWise

Follow these steps to begin integrating.

Check that you have the integrator login account in ConnectWise. If the integrator account has been removed or deleted, it will need to be recreated before you start. Refer to ConnectWise Integrator Login Setup Table for more information.

We recommend that you generate API keys for a member or members, rather than for an account. This gives you greater control over who can access APIs, lets you track activity by members, and helps with debugging (for example, if there is a sync error).

For more details, see Connectwise Authentication.

Generate API keys as follows.

  1. In ConnectWise, go to System > Members.
  2. Select the API Members tab and click Plus icon to add a member.

    API members
  3. Enter the details of an administrator. Save the new member.

    New member page
  4. In the list of members, click the new member's name.
  5. Select the API Keys tab and click Plus icon.

    API keys in ConnectWise
  6. In the Description field, enter a description for the new key (for example Sophos Central Integration).

    API key
  7. Click Save.

    Do not use Save and Close.

  8. Two API keys are generated and displayed: a Public Key and a Private Key. The Private Key is only displayed at the time the key is created. Make a note of both keys, as you will need them to sync Sophos Central customers with ConnectWise.
    Note Make a note of both keys or copy them to the clipboard as there is no way to recover the Private Key once the tab is closed.
  9. Ensure that the credientials for the API Keys have the correct permissions to access the Catalog. Permissions are based upon security roles.
    1. Assign the Security Permission for (Member) and (Role id) "Admin RW" permission.
    2. Ensure that the role that has access to Members.
      Tip If you are unsure how to do this see the ConnectWise documentation.