Firewall templates

You can create firewall templates that consist of settings and firewall rules. You can apply these templates to groups of your customers.

A firewall template lets you:

  • Apply the same settings to all your customer's firewalls in a group.
  • Stop customers from changing the settings for the groups you manage. Customers can create nested groups and override specific settings in the groups you manage.
  • Update templates and push changes to your customers.

To create a firewall template, do as follows:

  1. Sign in to the Sophos Central Partner and click Settings & Policies and then click Firewall Templates.

    Settings and Policies page
  2. Click Add a template, add a template name and a description, then click Save.

    Add a template
  3. Click Edit customers.

    Edit customers
  4. Review the customers for the template. Add any missing customers or remove customers if you need to.

    Manage the customers associated with the template
  5. Click Manage policy to configure the settings and rules for the template.

    Manage policy

    The firewall configuration options managed by Sophos Central Admin are shown.

    The firewall configuration options managed by Sophos Central Admin

Any changes you make to the settings and rules are transferred to your customer's firewall using the Partner Managed Group. You can see this group in Sophos Central Admin.

Partner Managed Group

Firewalls in the Partner Managed Group automatically inherit all the settings and rules you create using Manage Policy in Sophos Central Partner.