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Cookies notice

A cookie is a piece of text that gets entered in the memory of your browser by a website, allowing the website to store information on your machine and later retrieve it.

This Sophos Secure Message website uses cookies to aid in the display, formatting, and function of the website. The cookies used on this website do not contain any sensitive data and they are not shared with any third party. The cookies used are described below.

Cookie Description
Branding cookies Branding cookies ensure that the branding of this website appears correctly on every page, regardless of the status of your login.
Security Cookies Security cookies ensure that your website session is protected against malicious eavesdropping, data leakage, and theft.
Functional cookies These cookies store information about your session that allows the this website to function consistently each time you visit.

If you do not wish to set these cookies, then this site will not function appropriately and you need to contact the original sender of the email to arrange alternate delivery.

If you wish to familiarize yourself with the privacy policy of the platform that your sender has used to send the email, see Sophos Group Privacy Notice.