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Distribution Lists Quarantine

Messages from distribution lists are placed in Distribution Lists Quarantine if they fail protection rules, and your administrators have selected a quarantine option. They’re potentially harmful, for example spam.

You can review these messages and either release or delete them. Releasing messages delivers them.

To manage your messages, do as follows:

  1. Click Email.

    This opens the Email Security page. You can see the number of quarantined messages you have and the number of quarantined messages from distribution lists.

  2. To manage your quarantined distribution list messages, click Distribution Lists Quarantine.

    This displays a list of your quarantined messages. The sender, recipient, subject, time and date, and quarantine reason are shown for each message. You can use Advanced Search to filter your messages. See Advanced Search.

  3. If your administrator has allowed you to act on the messages, select one or more messages. You can select up to 400 messages.

    Alternatively, click a message subject to view the message details.

    Choose one of the following actions:

    • Release
    • Release and Allow
    • Delete
    • Delete and Block


    Choosing an action with Allow or Block adds the sender's email address to your allow or block list. It doesn't add the distribution list's address.

Quarantined messages are deleted after 30 days.