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With Email, you can review your received messages and manage any quarantined messages.

  • Quarantined messages are messages sent to quarantine because they’re potentially harmful. For example, they’re marked as spam or might contain malware or malicious links. You can review these messages and either release or delete them. Releasing messages delivers them.
  • In Distribution Lists Quarantine, you can manage messages marked as spam that come from distribution lists.
  • In Allow/Block, you can manage the email addresses and domains you've added to your allow and block lists.
  • In Emergency Inbox, you can read your messages from the last 14 days.

We've written an overview for users on using the Sophos Central Self Service Portal and email features. See Setting up Self Service Portal, Allow/Block list, Banners, Emergency Inbox, Quarantine.

The following video shows how you can manage your email in the Sophos Central Self Service Portal.