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What to expect after enrollment

Depending on the settings of the configuration profile installed, the following can be expected after you have enrolled your device with Sophos Mobile:

  • New applications may be available.
  • Your organization may have specified apps to be installed on your device. To view and install them, open the Sophos Mobile Control app on your device and tap Apps. See Install apps.
  • Applications like Camera, YouTube or the App Store might no longer be available on the device.
  • Your email application may be configured for access to your organization's mail server.
  • When your device becomes non-compliant (for example due to a forbidden app installed on it), a Sophos Mobile notification is displayed. In the Sophos Mobile Control app, you can view all violations. See Display and resolve compliance violations.

    You can also view the compliance violations for devices enrolled for you in Sophos Central Self Service Portal. See Display compliance violations.

  • If your organization has configured App Protection for specific apps on your device, you must create a password when you open a protected app for the first time. You need to enter this password every time you open the protected app afterward or after your device has been locked.

    In the Sophos Mobile Control app, you can view the protected apps and lock all of them at once. See Lock protected apps.

  • The Sophos Mobile Control app may ask for your email password.

  • On Android devices that support Samsung Knox, you may be asked to accept the Samsung Knox license agreement. This is required to register the Sophos MDM functionality with the device.

    The Samsung Knox license is free of charge. You don't need a Knox Premium license.

  • If you have created a work profile on your Android device during the enrollment process, Sophos Mobile only manages that profile, not the whole device. It does not access your personal data and apps.

    For details on work profiles, see Android Enterprise Help: What is a work profile?.

  • If you only have enrolled the Sophos container, Sophos Mobile does not access any data outside of the Sophos container, such as your personal data and apps.


If the configuration is removed from the device as a result of unenrollment, all data (email, calendar items and contacts) and managed apps introduced will also be removed.