You can manage which email addresses and domains are allowed or blocked using Allow/Block.

Note Your administrator must first switch on Allow/Block for you in Sophos Central Admin.

If there are any conflicts between your list in Sophos Central Self Service Portal and the list that your admin maintains in Sophos Central Admin, the list in Sophos Central Admin has priority.

To manage email addresses and domains, do as follows:

  1. Click Allow/Block.
    This displays a page where you can add email addresses or domains that you want to allow or block. If you've already added some, the list is shown. You can filter your results with the Search field.
    Note Only items added in Sophos Central Self Service Portal are displayed here. Items added in Sophos Central aren't shown.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Click your preferred option.
  4. Add the email address or domain. You can also override duplicate entries by clicking Override duplicates.
    Note Wildcards aren't supported.
    If you add the same email address or domain to both the allow and block lists, the override is based on the most recent option you choose.
  5. To confirm your choice, click Save, otherwise click Cancel.

    Emails from addresses in your allow list must pass at least one of our DNS checks (DMARC, SPF, or DKIM) to be delivered.

    Spam detection is only carried out on emails from addresses and domains on your allow list if they fail at least one DNS check.

  6. If you want to delete addresses or domains from the add or block list, select the items from the list and click Delete.
    A window shows the list of email addresses and domains you chose to delete. To confirm your selection, click Delete, otherwise click Cancel.