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Sophos Central Self Service Portal
This help file provides information about Sophos Central Self Service Portal and explains procedures step by step.
With Email, you can review your received email messages and manage any quarantined email messages.
Manage quarantined email
Quarantined email consists of messages that have been marked as spam.
You can manage which email addresses and domains are allowed or blocked using Allow/Block.
With Mobile, you enroll your device with Sophos Mobile.
Set up Sophos Mobile on your device
You can easily enroll your devices in Sophos Central Self Service Portal.
What to expect after enrollment
Work email
After you’ve enrolled your device with Sophos Mobile, you can access your work email.
Device management in Sophos Central Self Service Portal
Manage your device with the Sophos Mobile Control app
With Device Encryption, you can retrieve a recovery key to unlock your computer when you have forgotten your logon password (BitLocker PIN, password, USB key, or macOS password).
Retrieve recovery key using Sophos Central Self Service Portal
Follow these instructions to retrieve your recovery key.
Emergency Inbox
Follow these instructions to use your emergency inbox.
Supported Web Browsers
Legal notices

Sophos Central Self Service Portal Help

This Help tells you how to use all the features in Sophos Central Self Service Portal.

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