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Access apps

Users can now access apps.

User can get access in the following ways:

  • Directly (for example, from Windows Explorer).
  • From the ZTNA user portal.


Windows Hello passwordless access is also supported for access via CIFS or Remote Desktop Protocol.

Access apps directly

You can check that users have access as follows:

  1. On a computer with Windows Hello turned on, sign in and access any agent-based app.

    You aren't prompted to enter the identity provider credentials again because you've already signed into the device with them. You're automatically authenticated.

  2. On the task bar, double-click the Sophos icon to open Sophos Endpoint. You see that Zero Trust Network Access is configured and that the user is authenticated.

    Sophos Endpoint Status page.

  3. On the Events page, you can see that authentication occurred.

    User authenticated event.

Access apps in the ZTNA user portal

You can check access to the user portal as follows:

  1. In Microsoft Edge, enter the ZTNA user portal address. This is the same as the FQDN of your ZTNA gateway.

  2. You're automatically authenticated. You can access the apps shown.

    ZTNA user portal.