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Free Trials

On the Free Trials page, you can learn about extra products you can add to Sophos Central.

You can also:

  • Start a product trial.
  • Extend a product trial.
  • Buy a product.

Start a trial

You can start a product trial without contacting Sophos or your Sophos partner.


You can run multiple trials at the same time (unless the products have overlapping features). Your trials do not all have to start on the same date.

  1. Under a product name, click Start Trial.

    A trial is started for you automatically.

  2. On the page that is displayed, select and download the product.

The trial license for this product is now shown on the Licensing page.

The trial will expire after 30 days. The product will then be listed on the Free Trials page again.

Extend a trial

You can extend a trial or you can start another trial of the same product at a later date.

To extend a trial, contact your Sophos Partner (or the account team in Sophos, if applicable).

To start another trial of the product at a later date, go to My Products > Free Trials page and start a trial as before.


After a trial expires, you must wait 30 days before you can start another trial of the same product.

Trial directory size limits

For trial accounts, you can have a maximum of 1000 items per object type, such as users, groups, shared mailboxes, public folders, and devices.

This limitation no longer applies when you convert your trial account to a paid license.

Buy a product

You can buy new products.

  1. Under a product name, click Buy Now.

    You are taken to a Partner Info page where you can find a Sophos Partner.

  2. Contact a Sophos Partner to license the product.

Find out the frequently asked questions about free trial accounts. See Free trial FAQs.