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Account Health Check

Check that your account has the best protection.

The Account Health Check dashboard shows you whether you're making the best use of your Sophos security products. For example, you can see whether you're using all the protection features included in your license.

To see the dashboard, go to Dashboards > Account Health Check.

Health check scores

We show scores for your account health. These reflect whether your devices or policies are using recommended, secure settings.

There's an overall health score as well as scores for health checks on specific security features. All scores are out of 100. A score of 100 indicates that we didn't find any issues.

To see what the scores mean and how we calculate them, see Health Check Scores.

Health check summary.

How to fix issues

If you see a health check with a score of less than 100, click the help icon in the lower left to see how to fix issues.

Help icon on health check.

You can also fix issues on all your devices automatically. To do this, click Fix automatically. This ensures you have our recommended settings for that security feature. You can review any changes in your audit log.

Fix automatically button.

How to snooze issues

You can snooze an issue. This means that you temporarily postpone dealing with it. You might want to do this if you can't fix the issue yet.

For details, see Snooze issues.

Snooze button.