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Email reports

This feature might not be available for all customers yet.

You can set up, generate, and save reports for your Sophos Email activities.

Schedule reports

You can set up custom, scheduled reports and email them to admins.

To set up scheduled reports, do as follows:

  1. In Sophos Central, go to Reports and select the report you want.
  2. Configure report filters.

    You can't change these settings after you create the report.

  3. Click Save as Custom Report and do as follows:

    1. On the Report Template page, enter a Template Name.
    2. Select Schedule.
    3. Select the Report Date Range for the data you want to include.
    4. Configure the Report Frequency settings as follows:

      1. Select one of the following options: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.

        You can choose a monthly report if your report covers at least 30 days.

      2. Under Ends On, select a date when you want to end the schedule.

      3. (Optional) Select Until I cancel so that you can stop generating scheduled reports whenever you want to.

    5. Select the Report Format. You can generate the report in CSV or PDF format.

    6. Select the Report Notification and Delivery method.

      Sending a link in an email is recommended if the report contains personally identifiable information.

      The report is sent to your Sophos Central email address specified in Account Details.

      Sophos Central sign-in credentials are required to view reports from a link.

      You can send the report to other Sophos Central administrators.


      If the report you send exceeds 9.5 MB as an attachment, Sophos Central will automatically send it as a link. Review and accept the attachment conditions before saving the report template.

  4. Turn on Schedule.

  5. Click Save Report Template to update the existing template or save a new one.

From now on, we'll generate scheduled reports and send them to administrators. If report generation fails, recipients get a notification.


Scheduled emails will stop based on template settings or by selecting a specific end date.

You can download the reports from Generated Reports. Each report is limited to 20,000 records.

Generate a report

You can click Generate Report to create a report manually without scheduling. This report will be based on the format you previously selected. You can find and download reports from Generated Reports.

The reports are deleted after 90 days.

Only the filtered data is downloaded when you generate reports, and the same principle applies to scheduled reports.

Save a report template

After customizing a report, click Save Report Template to preserve settings. Saving your template ensures you don't need to reselect all your preferences in the future.

Save Report Template button.

You can access and manage templates on the Reports page.

List of Reports.


You can create up to 1000 report templates and turn report scheduling on or off for each.

To update or delete a template, do as follows:

  • To update a template, on the Reports page, select a template and click Update Update button..
  • To delete a template, use the delete icon in the Generated Reports column.