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On the Mailboxes page, you can manage your mailboxes for users, distribution lists and public folders. All protected mailboxes are listed.

For help on setting up, see Email Protection.

Go to My Products > Email Protection > Mailboxes to view and manage your mailboxes.

You can manually add mailboxes or import mailboxes and aliases. See Add mailboxes.

You can use either AD sync or Microsoft Entra ID sync to import users and groups into Sophos Central.

  • If you haven't used it yet, there is a link to get you started. For more information and instructions on how to set up a directory service, see Directory service.

    This video explains how to use Microsoft Entra ID Sync.

  • If you've already used it, a message here shows you issues, such as users without email addresses. Click on the link to fix the issue.

  • If you use AD sync or Microsoft Entra ID sync, you must delete those mailboxes with Microsoft AD or Microsoft Entra ID tools. They can't be managed from Sophos Central.

Click on a mailbox name to see its user, aliases, and the Email Security policies the user belongs to.

You can edit the aliases for a mailbox and ask Sophos to give Bulk email sender privileges to a user. See Email sending limits and privileges.

For information on how mailboxes are affected when you delete users from People, see Delete users.