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Controlled updates

We'll turn off controlled updates for endpoint computers on September 30, 2023 and for servers on January 31, 2024. Use software packages instead. See Software packages.

By default, computers get the latest Sophos product updates automatically. If you prefer, you can control how your computers update.

For example, you can stop updates on all computers during a busy period, or test updates on selected computers before they are rolled out to the rest of the network.


You can control updates on Windows and Linux devices, but not Macs.

To control updates, go to My Products > General Settings > Controlled Updates.

You have these options.

  • Pause Updates Now
  • Pause Updates on a Set Date
  • Control Updates Manually

If updates are already controlled, you see a list of computers whose updates are controlled instead of these options.


Computers still get automatic security updates to protect them against the latest threats.

You can go back to automatic updating at any time.

For help on pausing updates on a set date see Pause updates on a set date.

This video takes you through configuring controlled updates.