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Manage settings for Sophos Central Self Service

You can manage self-service settings for your users by going to My Products > General Settings and then selecting Self Service Settings.


This option is only available if your license includes Sophos Email.

In Self Service Settings, you can turn the following on or off:

  • Quarantine Summary format: This controls the format of quarantine summary messages on mobile phones. If the setting is turned on, the new quarantine summary format is applied. The new format makes it easy to view quarantine summaries on smaller displays.
  • Emergency Inbox: This controls whether users can access their messages from Sophos Central Self Service Portal (SSP).
  • Release / Delete: This controls whether users can release, release and allow, delete, or delete and block messages from their quarantine summary messages or Sophos Central SSP. If the setting is turned off, users can only read messages.


    When you turn on Release / Delete, you can also turn on Allow / Block List.

  • Allow / Block List: This controls whether users can create their own allow and block email addresses and domain rules.

    When End-user message settings is turned on, and you've configured Allow sender and Block sender links on the banners, Allow / Block List must remain on.

    When End-user message settings is turned off and you've turned the Release / Delete or Allow / Block List setting off, the existing allow/block lists of users will be bypassed.

Using the email emergency inbox

If you turn on Emergency Inbox, users can access their messages from the Sophos Central SSP in an emergency.

When using the emergency inbox, the following apply:

  • Users can only access their emergency inbox via Sophos Central SSP.
  • Users can only see their inboxes.
  • Messages are stored for 14 days.
  • Sophos Email will try to deliver messages for up to five days.
  • The mail server (Postfix) decides the delivery attempt interval, adding more time after each failed attempt.


When your mail server comes online, the emergency inbox isn't expected to deliver messages.