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Federated identity providers

You can manage your identity providers for federated sign-in.


You must be a Super Admin.

You must verify a domain first. See Verify a federated domain.

You can choose which provider you want to use to verify the identities of your administrators and users when they sign-in. You can choose from the following:

To use a provider you need to add it and then turn it on. You can then use federated sign-in. See Sophos sign-in settings.

You also edit and delete identity providers.


If you want to use federated sign-in as your sign-in option, you must ensure that all your administrators and users are assigned to a domain and have an identity provider.

Add an identity provider

To add an identity provider, click Add identity provider. See Add the identity provider (Entra ID/Open IDC/ADFS).

You can add partial details for an identity provider, but you must complete the setup process before turning on the provider.

Add identity provider.

Turn on an identity provider

To use federated sign-in, you must turn on an identity provider.


You can't turn on your provider if you haven't finished setting it up or if you've given invalid information.

Select your identity provider and click Turn on.

Turn on identity provider.