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Logs & Reports

The Logs & Reports page lists the reports that you can generate about security features in Sophos Central.

Go to Logs & Reports.

You can see your saved reports, who created them, their format and scheduled frequency.

There are two types of report formats available, an older (legacy) format and a newer format. The list of saved reports shows whether a report is using the legacy format or not.

Logs and Reports page.


The Report Templates and Actively Scheduled bar graphs don't include legacy format reports.

Legacy reports

Legacy reports use an older format and have some restrictions.


The majority of the logs and reports available use this format.

Before you use these reports, you need to know the following:

  • Each administrator can configure up to a maximum of 25 scheduled reports. You can have up to 25 unscheduled reports.
  • Scheduled reports expire (stop sending email) after six months. After six months, you need to reset a report by editing and saving it again.
  • You can have a maximum of 10,000 events per report or log.
  • Only the administrator who created them can see these reports.
  • Your partner, or Enterprise administrators who have access to your account, can't see or create these reports and logs.

To find out more about logs, see Logs.

To find out how these reports work and how you can customize, save and schedule them, see Reports.

Newer reports

These reports don't have the same restrictions as the legacy format reports. Each administrator can configure a maximum of 100 scheduled reports. This means you can have up to 100 reports for all of the features that use this report format.

Any administrator who has access can see them, including your partner or Enterprise administrators.

This report format is currently available for MDR and Central Firewall.

To find out more about MDR reports, see MDR report history.

To find out more about Central Firewall reports, see Report Hub.

To find out more about administration roles and controlling access to options, see Administration Roles.

Reports are sent in the language of the Sophos Central Admin account you set them up in.

If you're a partner who has set up a report, you get the report in the set language for your customer's account. You need to change the language in your customer's account to change the report language.