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Create Okta credentials

This credential is currently only for use with Response Action integrations.

You can create a credential to use with Okta integrations.

The main steps are as follows:

  • Find the Base URL for your Okta service.
  • Generate an API token in Okta.
  • Create the credential in Sophos Central.

Find your base URL

To find your Okta URL, also called an Okta domain, do as follows:

  1. Sign in to the Okta administrator console for your Okta organization.
  2. Look for the Okta domain in the global header, in the upper-right corner of the dashboard.
  3. Copy the URL to use later.

Generate an API token

To generate the API token, do as follows:

  1. Sign in to Okta as an administrator with the same rights that are needed to perform the API's actions.

    The API token inherits its user role and permissions from the signed-in administrator.

  2. In the Okta administrator console, go to Security > API.

  3. Click Create Token.
  4. Enter a name for your token.

    Copy the token value immediately. You can't retrieve it.

Create a credential

To create a credential, do as follows:

  1. In Sophos Central, go to My Products > General Settings.
  2. Under Administration, click Integration Credential Manager.

  3. On the Integration Credential Manager page, click Add.

  4. On the Type page, in Credential Type, select Okta API Token. Click Next.

  5. On the Details page, enter a Name and Description. Then enter settings as follows:

    1. Select the Permissions your credential will have. For example, Read or Write.
    2. In Integrations with Access, select the features that can use the credential. For example, Response Action.
    3. Optionally, set an Expiration date.
  6. On the right of the Details page, select the checkbox to confirm that you understand the security implications of using the new credential. Click Next.

  7. On the Credential page, enter the URL and API Token that you got from Okta earlier. Click Save.

You should now see the new credential in the credentials list.

You can use the credential when you set up an Okta integration. See Set up Okta integrations.

More information

For more information about finding your domain, we recommend you read the Okta documentation. See Find your Okta domain.