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Computer Status

The Status tab in a computer's details page lets you see the computer's security health and details of any alerts.

It also lets you take action against alerts.

Go to Devices > Computers and click the computer you want to view details for. Click Status to see the status of the computer.

Security Health

These status details are only shown if the computer is using the Security Heartbeat feature.

The computer security status is reported by computers running Windows 7 and later.

This shows whether the device has threats detected, has out-of-date software, is not compliant with policy, or is not properly protected. The overall status is the same as that for the highest-priority item listed (red, orange or green).


The page lists any alerts on the device. The details include:

  • Alert details: For example, the name of the malware.
  • When the alert occurred.
  • The actions that you can take. These depend on the type of threat or event and are the same as the actions available in the Dashboard.

You have 90 days to review and take action on alerts. If you don't take action within 90 days, we purge the alerts and your device has a red health status. You can reset the health status for the device. To do this, click More actions > Reset health status.