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You can download Sophos installers and use them to protect your devices.

The installers you can see may depend on the license or licenses you have.

Before you start, check which operating systems you can protect with Sophos Central. See Sophos Central.

For more details, including what each product does, how you use the installers, and how Sophos Central registers devices and applies policies, read the other topics in this section.

For help with setting up your firewall or proxy to communicate between Sophos Central Admin and your managed devices, see Domains and ports to allow.

How to use installers

After downloading installers for workstations or servers, you can:

  • Run the installer to protect the local computer.
  • Transfer the installer to other computers and run it on them.
  • Use automated software deployment tools such as System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) to run the installer on large numbers of computers.

How to find out which data center stores your account

To find out which data center stores your Sophos Central account data, do as follows:

  1. Go to Devices > Installers.
  2. Under Endpoint Protection or Server Protection, hover the mouse pointer over any of the installer download links.

    The data center address is shown in the lower-left corner of the browser:

    Screenshot of corner of browser showing address of Windows installer.

  3. The address shows the geographical location of the data center:

    Address Location Oregon, USA Northern Virginia, USA Montreal, Canada Dublin, Ireland Frankfurt, Germany Tokyo, Japan Sydney, Australia Sao Paulo, Brazil Mumbai, India