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Firewall license renewals, upgrades, and replacements

Find answers to common questions about firewall license renewals, upgrades, and replacements.

How do I renew my subscriptions?

When you renew your subscriptions, you must make sure your order includes the serial number of the firewall the subscription is running on. If you bought an XGS Series appliance and Xstream Protection bundle, you must purchase Xstream Protection. If you originally bought an XG Series Protect bundle using the legacy licensing scheme, your license will have been migrated to the new licensing scheme. To renew all subscriptions from your original purchase, you may need to select more than one product. For example, if you originally purchased TotalProtect Plus, to retain the same feature set when you renew, purchase Xstream Protection plus Email Protection and Web Server Protection as individual subscriptions.

When you renew, depending on your country, your license schedule will either show a license key that you need to activate or will show that your renewal has already been activated. Make sure you read the license schedule when it's sent to you and activate any license keys shown on it.

The start date for the renewal will be the day after the expiry of the existing subscription. The exception to this is if the previous subscription expired before the renewal was activated. In this case, the renewal subscription will normally start from the date of activation but may occasionally be backdated. For details, see Activating firewall license keys FAQ.

How do I upgrade my license mid-way through its term?

If you want to upgrade the products you're running in the middle of the term, you need to request a quote from your reseller. You'll receive an allowance for the remainder of the subscriptions, which will reduce the cost of the new subscriptions you purchase.

When a mid-term change is activated, the new subscription will start immediately, and the remainder of your existing subscription will be canceled unless you request a future start date. You'll need to activate the key shown on the license schedule unless it has been activated for you.

You can't downgrade a subscription mid-term.

How do I transfer my license after an RMA?

See Claim an RMA firewall.