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Firewall license expiration

What happens when firewall licenses expire.

What happens after my license expires?

When a purchased license has expired, it'll show as inactive in Sophos Central and Sophos Firewall. However, trial licenses aren't set to inactive after they expire. If your purchased license and trial license have expired, the expiry date you'll see in Sophos Central and Sophos Firewall is for the trial license, not for the purchased license.

Am I eligible for RMAs and support services if my licenses have expired?

No, Sophos can't provide support services or RMAs if your licenses have expired.

In an Active/Active HA setup, you must have a valid support contract (Enhanced or Enhanced Plus) for each active device to receive advance hardware replacement for them.

In an Active/Passive HA setup, an Enhanced Plus contract is required for the active device to receive advanced hardware replacement for the passive device. You must renew your licenses within 90 days of expiration. At the end of 90 days, the firewall protection for the device stops.

For more information, see Enhanced: Advanced Hardware Replacement.

Can I upgrade my firmware if I don't have a support subscription?

Yes, you're allowed three free firmware upgrades without a support subscription. For more information, see Firmware: Support subscription.

What happens when my licenses expire?

The Base Firewall license enforces Firewall and NAT rules, Firewall REDs, VPN, and Wireless protection, but you won't have any advanced security protection.

The Base Firewall license doesn't expire for hardware appliances. It does expire for cloud, virtual, and software appliances.

What happens to my RED connections if my Network Protection subscription expires?

Your RED hardware models can no longer establish the tunnels. An alert shows on your firewall's web admin console, on the Control Center page, and on the RED configuration page.

What happens to system email notifications when my licenses expire?

Notifications are sent indefinitely. For more information about which notification types are sent, see Notifications.

What happens when my Email Protection license expires?

Emails are delivered without anti-spam and antivirus scanning.

What happens when my Web Protection license expires?

You can configure web categories but can't enforce them without a valid Web Protection subscription. URL groups will work without a Web Protection subscription.

Do I receive pattern updates and hotfixes if my licenses have expired?

If you have a Base License, you'll receive software (feature and maintenance releases) and pattern updates. Pattern updates will be available only on the supported software releases. See Sophos Firewall Software.

Sophos also sometimes provides hotfixes for unsupported software releases based on how critical the issue or CVE is.

Do I receive hotfixes if my licenses have expired?

Sophos provides hotfixes for unsupported version as well sometime based on criticality of issue or CVE.

If you have any further questions about firewall license expiration, contact your local Sophos representative.