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Free trial FAQs

Find answers to common questions about free trial accounts.

My 30-day trial has expired. Can I extend it?

Yes, contact your Sophos Partner or Account Manager to get the trial extended.

How do I know when my trial ends?

Click your Profile icon, and then click Licensing. In the License # column, trial licenses start with a C instead of an L. You can also look for the date in the Expires column.

Can I try all the items listed on the Free Trials page?

Yes. Features that aren't available on your current licenses are available as trials.

I have completed my trial and have questions and feedback. Who can I contact?
  • For technical questions, contact Sophos support.
  • For feedback or license questions, contact your Sophos account manager.
Why can't I see a specific trial or any trials on the My Products page?
  • If you've already activated the license for a product, you can't start a trial for that product.
  • If your trial expired within the last 30 days, you can't re-start it yet.

    Wait until 30 days after expiry and try again.