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Last update: 2022-05-09

Fix Server Protection

Ensure all your licensed protection software is installed.

If Account Health Check warns that servers don't have all your licensed protection software installed, do as follows:

  1. Click the link in the warning. The link is on the number of servers affected.

    If you have problems with the link, go to your servers list and use the filters to select Servers without all protection.


    We don't include Sophos Security VMs in the total number of servers shown in the health warning, so it might not match the number shown in your servers list.

    Link to servers list

  2. You see the list of servers that need attention.

    Servers list

  3. Check if there are servers that you need to delete from Sophos Central. For help with deleting servers, see Server Summary.

    If you don't delete servers or add protection we'll continue to warn that your servers are unprotected.

  4. Select servers where you want to add protection (or select the top checkbox to select all) and click Manage Endpoint Software.

    Servers page with servers selected

  5. In Manage Endpoint Software, you can see your licensed software under Protection. Select it and click Save.

    Manage Endpoint Software dialog

In the server list, the Protection column next to the servers now shows they're going to get your full protection software.

Sophos Central will install the new software the next time the servers are online and update (usually within an hour).

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