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Add a mailbox manually

Sophos Email Security allows you to add single mailboxes manually via the user interface.

To add a mailbox manually, do as follows:

  1. Go to My Products > Email Protection > Mailboxes to view and manage your mailboxes.
  2. On the Mailboxes screen, click Add.
  3. Select Add Mailbox.

    There are three types of mailbox:

    • User Email: a mailbox for a person. Example:


      For a User Email mailbox, you can click the mailbox name to view the user's details.

    • Distribution List: a mailbox for a group of people. Example:

      You can assign one owner to a distribution list. The owner can manage messages sent to the distribution list that are quarantined. See Distribution list owners.

    • Public Folder: a mailbox for collecting information such as surveys or feedback. Example:

  4. Select a mailbox type.

  5. Enter a name for the mailbox.
  6. Enter the SMTP address for the mailbox.
  7. Click Save to create a single mailbox and exit, or Save and Add Another to create additional mailboxes.