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Computer Groups

On the Computer Groups tab you can add or manage groups of computers.

You can use groups to assign a policy to multiple computers at once.

The sections below tell you about the groups list and how to add, modify or delete groups.

Go to Endpoint Protection > Computers > Computer Groups.

About the groups list

The current groups are listed and the number of computers in each group is shown.

To see full details for a group, click on the group's name.

Add a group

To add a group click Add Computer Group in the upper right of the page. Give a name and description and then assign computers to the group.


A computer can only be in one group. If you select a computer that’s already in a group, it will be removed from its current group.


In the Search box you can start typing a name to filter down the displayed entries.

Edit a group

To edit a group, click the group's name to open and edit the group details.

Delete a group

To delete a group, select it and click Delete in the upper right of the page.

Deleting a group will not delete its computers.

You can also delete a group at the group's details page. Click the group's name to open the details.

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