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You can view and configure any Sophos Firewall that can connect to Sophos Central.

To do this, go to My Products > Firewall Management > Firewalls.


When you add a firewall to Sophos Central, you can monitor it in Sophos Central and manage it from the firewall's web admin console. See Sophos Firewall Management from Sophos Central.

You can manage firewalls individually or as a group. Firewalls that you manage individually are placed in a group called "Ungrouped". To manage firewalls, go to My Products > Firewall Management > Firewalls.

You can add as many firewalls as you want in Sophos Central. Sophos Central is cloud-based and scales to your needs. For example, if your firewalls produce a large number of logs, you can store and report on this data if you've enough licensed capacity. Sophos Central stores firewall log data on a first-in-first-out basis. This means we remove your older data when your data storage is full. See Report Hub.

For help with firewalls, see: