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Last update: 2022-03-31

Threats & events blocked

The Threats & events blocked report shows all types of threat and event, listed by source or destination country, that have been blocked by a specific firewall.

The types of threat include those detected by the following firewall modules:

  • ATP
  • Antivirus
  • IPS
  • Zero-day protection
  • Firewall
  • Web
  • Web Application Firewall

The numbers relate to threats that have been blocked and have caused a warning alert.


Select the time period for which you want to view details. Threats and events from the last 24 hours are shown by default.


In the chart area, you can select one of the following chart types:

  • Horizontal bar chart of the threats that have been blocked
  • World map that highlights the top 10 countries, by number of threats
  • Globe that highlights the top 10 countries, by number of threats

World map and globe

If you hover the mouse pointer over one of the circles on the chart, the data values are shown next to the pointer.

If you change which threat type is shown on the y axis of the chart, it changes the threat type that each circle represents. The size of each circle represents the number of threats of that type. For example, if you select the threat type Antivirus, each circle represents the number of antivirus threats in a specific country, and circles that represent a higher number of antivirus threats are bigger.

You can move the map or the globe in any direction by dragging it with the mouse.


In the Source Country column, the Reserved country includes source or destination IPs that are private. Such IPs do not enable the actual source or destination country to be identified.

This report summarizes information from several of the other firewall reports. If you click one of the values in one of the following table columns, the corresponding report is shown:

  • Antivirus
  • ATP
  • Firewall
  • IPS
  • Zero-day protection events
  • Web
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