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Add IP address pools

You can add IP address pools before you create an SD-WAN connection group. Sophos Central uses these pools to assign IP addresses to XFRM interfaces of the firewalls in the SD-WAN connection groups.

The IP address pools are divided into /30 subnets, and the IP addresses are assigned to the XFRM interfaces from the /30 subnets.


Sophos Central uses the IP address pools you specify for the new SD-WAN connection groups that you create after you specify the IP address pools. The IP addresses in the existing connection groups aren't changed.

By default, Sophos Central uses and if you don't add IP address pools.

To add an IP address pool, do as follows:

  1. Go to My Products > Firewall Management > SD-WAN Connection Groups.
  2. Click Add IP Pool.
  3. In Add XFRM IP Pool, enter one or more IP address pools. You can enter multiple pools if required. If one pool is exhausted, Sophos Central uses the next pool.

    Add IP Pool window.

  4. Click Save.