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Managed Risk report history

Managed Risk generates weekly vulnerability scan reports and attack surface management reports.

Weekly vulnerability scan reports show the following:

  • Details of any vulnerabilities found.
  • The devices impacted.
  • Suggested remediations.

Attack surface management reports show the following:

  • A list of internet-facing assets currently associated with your domains.
  • Details of open ports, services running, the hosting provider, and location of the assets.

We notify you when new reports are ready.

To download your reports, do as follows:

  1. Go to My Products > Managed Risk > Report History.

    Report history page.

  2. Find the weekly report you want.

    • Vulnerability scan reports are marked "Weekly Scan". They're available in PDF or CSV format.
    • Attack surface management reports are marked "Weekly ASM Asset Export Results". They're available in CSV format.
  3. Click the PDF or CSV link in the Download report column.