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The Dashboard is the start page of Sophos Central and lets you see the most important information at a glance.

It consists of these areas.

Most Recent Alerts

Most Recent Alerts shows the latest few alerts. Informational alerts are for information only and don't require you to take action.

Click View All Alerts to see all alerts.

Devices and users: summary

Devices and users: summary shows details of usage and protection for users or protected devices. It also shows the number of unprotected users or devices.

Click on the tabs to see information for each device type or for users.

Click See Report to open a detailed report for the tab you have selected.

Email Security

If you have domains connected with Sophos Gateway and Sophos Mailflow you see one panel for each type of connection. The message categories are the same for each type.

Inbound shows information about the following message categories:

  • Legitimate: Messages that are classified as clean, and therefore delivered.
  • DLP policy violations: Messages that violated Data Loss Prevention policies.
  • Spam: Messages classified as spam.
  • Advanced threat: Messages classified as containing advanced threats.
  • Virus: Messages classified as containing viruses.
  • Authentication failure: Messages that failed authentication checks by DMARC, SPF or DKIM.
  • Realtime blocklist: Messages detected due to a blocked sending IP.
  • Company blocklist: Messages sent from an address that has already been added to the company blocklist (inbound allow/block).

Outbound shows the total number of outbound email messages scanned by Sophos Email Security for your protected mailboxes for the last 30 days. It also shows the number of legitimate messages processed, the number of spam and virus messages detected and the number of messages violating DLP policies.

Click See Report to open the Message Summary report and review the details of the processed messages, see Message History Report.

Web control

Web control shows statistics for your Web Control protection.

The figures are for threats blocked, policy violations blocked, and policy warnings. There is also a figure for "policy warnings proceeded", which is the number of users who have bypassed a warning to visit a website.

Click on a figure to open a detailed report.

Web Gateway Blocked Summary

Web Gateway Blocked Summary shows statistics for your Web Gateway protection (you see this only if you have a Web Gateway license).

The figures are for malware blocked and websites blocked.

Click on a figure to open a detailed report.

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