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User Behavior

The User Behavior report shows users' involvement in phishing campaigns.

Go to Phish Threat > Reports > User Behavior to review your users' response to your campaigns.

For each user you can see the number of campaigns the user was enrolled in, the number of times they fell for the simulated attack in those campaigns, and related dates.

You can view a list of all users enrolled in phishing campaigns in the specified time period or a list filtered according to how users responded to campaigns, for example users who were caught by simulations.

Limit report data to a specific time range

In some reports, you can limit report data to a specific date range by entering a From and To date.

Creating campaigns from a report

You can create a new campaign with all the users from your report pre-enrolled.

Click Create campaign with these users to start a new campaign.


Click Export to CSV to export the current view as a comma separated file.

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