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Last update: 2022-06-16

Training Reminder and Enrollment Emails

You can use a custom sending address for training reminder and enrollment emails.

To turn on using your custom sending address, click Phish Threat > Settings > Training Reminder and Enrollment Emails.

You must verify the domain used in the custom sending address before using it.

This feature might not be available for all customers yet.

The sending domain used for simulated attack emails does not change. Your custom sending address is used for sending the following types of email:

  • Training reminder emails: used in all campaign types.
  • Enrollment emails: only used in training campaigns.
  • Caught emails: only used in attachment campaigns.

You must test the custom address to ensure it's valid.

If there are problems with your custom sending address, emails are sent using the Sophos address.

You can also set a custom sending address for emails sent out by the campaign test feature.

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