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Reporting a message

Users with Sophos Outlook add-in installed have a Report Message button in their Outlook ribbon on the Home tab.

This button is present when they are reading a message in the reading pane or in a pop-out window.

Users on Outlook Web Access or Office 365 web have a Report Message option in the message task pane.

To report a message the user clicks Report Message.

The user is then asked to confirm the submission.

Once the message is reported, the user sees a dialog thanking them for their awareness and informing them that the message has been submitted to their administrator and deleted from their mailbox.

What will my users see when they report a phishing simulation?

Sophos Outlook add-in works seamlessly with Sophos Phish Threat.

When a user reports a Phish Threat email, they will receive immediate feedback in Outlook thanking them for their awareness and reinforcing this positive behavior.

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