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Last update: 2022-02-01

Device isolation exclusions (Windows)

You can allow isolated devices to have limited communications with other devices.

You can choose whether isolated devices will use outbound or inbound communications, or both.

Use the following settings to restrict communications:

  • Local Port: Any device can use this port on isolated devices.
  • Remote Port: Isolated devices can use this port on any device.
  • Remote Address: Isolated devices can only communicate with the device with this IP.

Example 1

You want remote desktop access to an isolated device so that you can troubleshoot.

  • In Direction, select Inbound Connection.
  • In Local Port, enter the port number.

Example 2

You want to be able to go to an isolated device and download cleanup tools from a server.

  • In Direction, select Outbound Connection.
  • In Remote Address, enter the address of the server.
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