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Click here to open the documentation of locally-managed switches, including the CLI and API guides.


You can generate reports and view information about the performance of your switch. You can also open a remote support tunnel to allow remote debugging by Sophos support.


The remote debugging only allows access to the switches CLI and doesn't give access to the web admin of the switch. To allow support to access the web admin you need to set up a remote session.

The reports are opened in the local switch admin console in a new browser window.

You must be on the same subnet as the switch you wish to access from Sophos Central.

The following table describes the available diagnostic information.

Option Description
Resource Usage Shows a real-time graphical report displaying the current system CPU and memory usage.

Opens the local switch web UI at Monitor > Realtime Meters.
Port Statistics Shows details of the in and out packet counts and TX and RX errors for each individual port.

Opens the local switch web UI at Monitor > Statistics > Ports.
MAC Address Table Shows the MAC address table, which gives information about discovered devices for each individual port and VLAN.

Opens the local switch web UI at Monitor > Dynamic MAC Address Monitor > Static MAC Address.
PoE Power Usage The dashboard and PoE Port settings pages provide details per port on current, voltage, and power draw information.

Opens the local switch web UI at Monitor > Dashboard > PoE Power Settings.
Network Diagnostics You can use ping and traceroute to test switch connectivity and Layer three routing functionality.

Opens the local switch web UI at Analyze > Ping Test Analyze > Trace Route.
Event Logging You can use the local logging page to configure which events will be logged locally on the switch. You may need to enable logging of higher error levels to detect certain events. You must only turn this on while troubleshooting. The logged details are shown on the log table.

Opens the local switch web UI at Monitor > Local Logging Monitor > Log Table.
Cable Diagnostics Select the ports that are connected to the cable you want to test. Click Test to run a cable diagnostics test on the selected switch ports.

Opens the local switch web UI at Analyze > Diag Tools.
SFP Module Info Shows what capabilities and information your connected fiber modules are providing to the switch.

Opens the local switch web UI at Monitor > SFP Module Information.
Open local switch management Opens to local switch web admin console.
Turn on remote debugging Allows debugging access by Sophos support.

To turn on remote debugging, do as follows:

  1. Select the validity period from the drop-down list.
  2. Click Turn on.