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System details

The System details section gives an overview of the switch system. You can also reapply the switch settings or remove your switch from Sophos Central management.

The following details are shown:

Option Description
Serial no. Shows the serial number of the switch.
Model Shows the switch model.
Device name Shows the device name. The default name is the same as the switch model.

The status of the switch.

  • Registering: Waiting to connect
  • Connected: Connected
  • Registered: Registered
  • Unregistered: Registration timed out
  • Disconnected: Disconnected for X amount of time
  • Synchronized: Synchronized
  • Waiting for sync: Waiting for synchronization
  • Pending: Tasks pending
  • Syncing: Synchronizing
  • Out of sync: Error needs attention
  • Suspended: Firmware is out of date and needs to be updated
Site The site template that's applied to the switch.
MAC Address The MAC address of the switch.
Powered on When the switch was last powered on.

Click Reboot to restart the switch.
Firmware Shows the version of both the switch firmware and the Sophos Central agents. You can apply new agent firmware when it becomes available.

To stop managing your switch from Sophos Central, click Remove from Sophos Central.

System details.