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Task queue

The task queue shows an overview of actions, and their status, that have been carried out on the switch. You can also synchronize settings between Sophos Central and the switch.

Task queue.

Turn on Auto refresh to automatically refresh the task queue when new actions are taken.

Click Synchronize to synchronize changes made in Sophos Central with the switch.

The task queue table shows the following information.

Option Description

Shows the status of the task.

  • Registering: Waiting to connect
  • Connected: Connected.
  • Registered: Registered
  • Unregistered: Registration timed out.
  • Disconnected: Disconnected for X amount of time
  • Synchronized: Synchronized
  • Waiting: A task is waiting to be completed. You can skip a waiting task by clicking the Skip button next to the status
  • Pending: Tasks pending
  • Syncing: Synchronizing
  • Out of sync: Error needs attention
  • Suspended: Firmware is out of date and needs to be updated.
Switch Shows the serial number of the switch that the task is created for.
Site Shows the site of the switch.
Entity Shows the switch module that the task relates to. For example, synchronization, firmware, and remote support.
Action The action that the task performs. For example, turning on or turning off firmware updates or remote support.
Created at Shows the date and time the task was created.